Support for Ukrainians

SOLAS response to the ongoing war in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine has already brought over 33,000 people to Ireland to seek international protection as a result of the war. SOLAS extends our deep sympathies and support to those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with Ukrainian refugees and support the Irish Government’s humanitarian response in welcoming Ukrainians to Ireland and helping those who have arrived receive the supports they need.

As part of the humanitarian response to support those affected by the war, SOLAS met with the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research Innovation and Science, and the Department of Education to form a coordinated response. Together, we are following a harmonised approach across schools and further education and training centres to help meet the English language needs of both adults and children from Ukraine.

As a result of this, SOLAS is working in partnership with Education and Training Boards (ETBs) across Ireland to provide educational support for Ukrainian refugees. This page provides important information about educational supports and services that Ukrainians can access in Ireland.

How is SOLAS supporting Ukrainians through Further Education and Training?

SOLAS is enabling access to educational funding and supports across Ireland’s 16 ETBs that deliver educational programmes nationwide. One of the primary concerns, from an educational standpoint, is bolstering greater access to English language support for Ukrainians affected by the ongoing crisis. Enabling access to English language support is crucial to ensuring those affected by the crisis understand the information that is being presented to them, and to help Ukrainians settle comfortably in Ireland.

In addition, SOLAS will support Ukrainian refugees by improving access to learning programmes such as ESOL, adult literacy and further education and training programmes. SOLAS will also work with the Irish Government to help enhance employment opportunities for Ukrainians and offer people the chance to engage in further education and training courses where possible. 

The Mitigating Against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF) is a key funding source that community education partners can apply for, to help reach the most disadvantaged and marginalised learners with educational support. This funding is set to be extended this year, and could stand as an important funding stream to provide more funding to support programmes that Ukrainian refugees can access.

SOLAS will continue to engage with colleagues across the educational sector to improve and update an effective response to build opportunities for Ukrainians affected by the crisis.

How can I access support?

There are 16 Education and Training Boards across Ireland, with a “Regional Education and Language Teams” (REALT) service available to help Ukrainian families across the State. Please call or email the designated point of contact to see what educational supports are available in your local community. You can find all local points of contact here:

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SOLAS are committed to exploring what additional educational supports, services and resources can be offered and this page will be updated regularly to reflect this.