Overall employment growth in this occupational group has grown above the national average over the previous five years, driven by particularly strong growth for programmers and technicians. Demand for IT skills extends beyond the ICT sector and is increasingly a requirement across other traditional job titles including engineering, business analysts, designers etc.

Although graduate output from the education system has grown considerably in recent years, the skillsets for these occupations are continually evolving and the international competition for these skills continues to result in shortages.

  • Overall employment: Approximately 82,600 persons (79% male) were employed in the selected ICT occupations, representing 3.7% of the national workforce.

  • Sector: 64% of overall employment was concentrated in the ICT sector.

  • Employment growth (5-year): Between 2013 and 2018, overall employment increased by 15,600 (4.3% on average annually compared to 3.1% nationally). The strongest rate of employment growth was observed for IT technicians (13.2%) during the period.

  • Age: The 25-54 age group accounted for the majority of persons employed, at 89%.

  • Education: Those who had attained third level qualifications (85%) was significantly above the national average share (48%), while a further 12% had attained a higher secondary/FET qualification.

  • Full-time/part-time: Over 97% of ICT workers were in full-time employment.

  • Nationality: The share of non-Irish workers was well above the national average of 16%, while 70% of workers were Irish nationals.

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