While shortages are arising for a number of health professional occupations, employment in healthcare depends on government funding; as such, there are a number of other areas for which shortages do not exist, despite significant demand for services.

The demand for health services continues to grow, due to factors resulting from population growth.

  • Overall employment: Approximately 128,300 persons (77% female) were employed in the selected healthcare occupations, representing 5.7% of the national workforce.

  • Sector: 89% of overall employment was concentrated in the health sector.

  • Employment growth (5-year): Between 2013 and 2018, overall employment increased by 10,900 (1.8% on average annually compared to 3.1% nationally). The strongest rate of employment growth was observed for other therapy professionals (11.1%) during the period.

  • Age: The 25-54 age group accounted for the majority of persons employed, at 78%. The share of employees aged 55 and over was in line with the national average of 17%.

  • Education: Those who had attained third level qualifications (93%) was significantly above the national average share (48%), while 5% had attained a higher secondary/FET qualification.

  • Full-time/part-time: Over 80% of healthcare workers were in full-time employment.

  • Nationality: The share of non-Irish workers was slightly below the national average of 16%, while 86% of workers were Irish nationals.

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