Arts, Sports and Tourism

Employment in arts, sports and tourism occupations was growing in line with the national average by the end of 2019. COVID-19 restrictions have had a significant impact on employment in these occupations. A partial recovery in employment numbers is expected with the lifting of restrictions, although a full recovery will be dependent on the lifting of restrictions on overseas travel, along with consumer confidence and the disposable income levels of individuals in Ireland. See National Skills Bulletin 2020 for more details.

9.12 Arts, Sports & Tourism Occupations

Overall employment: Approximately 95,000 persons (60% female) were employed in the selected arts, sports and tourism occupations, representing 4.2% of the national workforce.

Sector: 52% of overall employment was concentrated in the arts and entertainment sector

Employment growth (5-year): Between 2014 and 2019, overall employment increased by 13,600 (3.1% on average annually compared to 3.2% nationally). The strongest rate of employment growth was observed for leisure and travel service occupations (8.7%) during the period

Age: The 25-54-year age group accounted for the majority of persons employed, at 70%. The share of employees aged 55 years and over was 13%, well below the national average of 19%

Education: The share of persons employed in the selected arts, sports and tourism occupations who had attained higher secondary/FET qualifications was in line with the national average share of 38%. Those who had attained third level qualifications (50%) was slightly above the national average share (48%)

Full-time/part-time: Over 69% of arts, sports and tourism workers were in full-time employment

Nationality: The share of non-Irish workers was in line with the national average of 17%, while 82% of workers were Irish nationals.

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