Administrative and Secretarial

Employment growth in administrative and secretarial occupations was driven primarily by growth for those employed in government administrative roles. The initial impacts of COVID-19 restrictions may not have had an immediate effect on employment in this group. However, while the number of government administrative roles is expected to remain relatively unchanged, a fall in employment numbers is likely for office administrative roles and receptionists (particularly those in hotels). This occupational group is also one of the top six groups considered at high risk of automation; therefore, many of the job losses experienced for these occupational groups are unlikely to be replaced in the short-term at least. However, job opportunities will continue to arise as replacement (due to retirement, etc.) for such a large occupation will translate into job vacancies. See National Skills Bulletin 2020 for more details.

9.14 Administrative & Secretarial Occupations

Overall employment: Approximately 179,000 persons (80% female) were employed in the selected administrative and secretarial occupations, representing 7.8% of the national workforce.

Sector: These occupations are employed across all sectors, with employment concentrated in PAD (22%), health (15%), along with professional activities, transport, and wholesale/retail which combined accounted for a further 22% share

Employment growth (5-year): Between 2014 and 2019, overall employment increased by almost 27,000 persons (3.3% on average annually compared to 3.2% for the national average). The strongest rate of employment growth was observed for government administrative occupations (9.0%) during the period

Age: The 25-54-year age group accounted for the majority of persons employed, at 69%; the share of employees aged 55 years and over was 25%, above the national average of 19%

Education: The share of persons employed in the selected administrative & secretarial occupations who had attained higher secondary/FET qualifications was 46%, above the national average share of 38%; those who had attained third level qualifications (43%) was below the national average share (48%)

Full-time/part-time: Over 73% of administrative & secretarial workers were in full-time employment

Nationality: The share of non-Irish workers was below the national average of 17%, while 91% of workers were Irish nationals.

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