Protected Disclosures

SOLAS has established channels for workers to make protected disclosures to the SOLAS Prescribed Person regarding any matter relating to the regulation, registration, employment and education of apprentices as provided for by the Industrial Training Act 1967 (No. 5 of 1967) and the funding of further education and training as provided for by the Further Education and Training Act 2013 (No. 25 of 2013).

Protected disclosures can be made to the SOLAS Prescribed Person by emailing, by leaving a recorded voice message on (01) 5332595, or by post to:

Chief Executive Officer
Prescribed Person
Block 1
Castleforbes House
Castleforbes Road
Dublin 1
D01 A8N0

Please click here to access the Speaking Up Policy and procedure for making protected disclosures to the SOLAS Prescribed Person.

Please note that there is a distinction between a protected disclosure as defined by the Act and an interpersonal grievance or a complaint which affects the worker exclusively. Other routes are available for such grievances or complaints. You may identify a more appropriate route here: Contact Us | Solas | Learning Works.  

When making a report, please state that it is a protected disclosure. Please include the following information in your report:

·       your name and contact details. Anonymous disclosures will be acted upon to the extent that is possible, however, investigations into the reported matter may be restricted if you withhold your identity.

·       how you believe this report falls within the remit of SOLAS

·       the date of the alleged wrongdoing (if known)

·       whether or not the alleged wrongdoing is still ongoing

·       whether the alleged wrongdoing has already been disclosed and if so, to whom, when, and what action was taken

·       information in respect of the alleged wrongdoing (what is occurring/has occurred/is likely to occur and how) and any supporting information (eg) the name of any person(s) allegedly involved in the alleged wrongdoing (if any name is known and the worker considers that naming an individual is necessary to report the wrongdoing disclosed), and

·       any other relevant information.

When making your report, please also:

-       Be mindful of the language used, and avoid words that could be seen as aggressive or incendiary

-       Be as specific as possible and try not to generalise

-       Don’t try to guess anybody else’s motives

Note that the following conditions must be met for information to qualify as a protected disclosure under the Protected Disclosures Act 2014-2022:

(a) The information came to the worker’s attention in a work-related context

(b) The worker has a reasonable belief that the information tends to show a relevant wrongdoing

(c) The worker has a reasonable belief that the information disclosed, and any allegation contained in it, are substantially true

(d) The worker has a reasonable belief that the information disclosed falls within the scope of matters for which the Prescribed Person has responsibility (as outlined above).  

Protected Disclosures 2023 Report
The SOLAS Protected Disclosures Report 2023 is available here