Debenhams Training Fund

Debenhams Training Fund
The Government has provided €3 million in funding, to assist the reskilling of former Debenhams employees. SOLAS has been requested to co-ordinate this nationwide programme on behalf of Government by Department Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science.

The Debenhams training fund seeks to support and re-skilling of redundant employees with a total funding envelope of €3 million.

The programme duration will be two years, effective from 01st November 2021, the format of the “Debenhams” training fund reflecting the delivery model introduced by SOLAS to co- ordinate “The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund” (EGF) within the period 2010–2018

The eligible clients will receive a host of additional upskilling, training, educational, start your own business and coaching supports, designed to facilitate their return to training, education, or employment these include:

Training Grants: Allow eligible clients to avail of upskilling\ training options from the broad array of private training organisations.

Course Expense Contributions: Allow eligible clients to procure laptops \ iPad or related forms of equipment to support their reskilling and enhance their employability. Course Expense Contribution also covers Travel and Interview costs.

Re-imbursement of fees: Allow eligible clients to recoup the cost of training programmes and or equipment which they may have procured to support their individual upskilling since their redundancy.

Childcare: Contribution towards the costs of childcare to facilitate parent\s attend training or upskilling programmes.

Career Transition Grant: designed to permit eligible clients procure the services of professional HR practitioners to assist with CV, interviews, and mentoring.

Supports and Course Expense Contribution: Schedule of Payments

Training Grant - Higher Education

€5,000 Annually - Private Colleges

Training Grant - Further Education

€3,000 Annually - Private training providers

Course Equipment and Materials

Maximum €1,000 - total period of the fund.

Includes - Laptop/iPad/Printer and course materials. (rules apply).


Up to 48kms €12 – up to a maximum of €1,000

Over 48kms €16 - up to a maximum of €1,000

Note: Original public transport receipts must be submitted when claiming travel reimbursements

Accommodation (includes subsistence)

Overnight rate of €147 per 24-hour period


Maximum one-off payment of €50


Maximum payment of €100 per week.

Note: All course expense contribution must be linked/requirement of the training course the client is attending. Please contact the SOLAS coordination unit if you require clarification on your reimbursement claim.

SOLAS Debenhams Coordination Unit
To assist and support eligible former Debenhams employees through the process SOLAS has established a centralised co- ordination team.

This unit is dedicated to providing a range of services to eligible Debenhams beneficiaries and will be your main point of contact. The team are working remotely at present, to comply with Government regulations on Covid_19. However, the team will travel and support those eligible beneficiaries, where required, subject to advance agreement and compliance with Covid – health guidelines. The current team consists of:

Brian Head
Programme Manager
087 945 1263

Angela Mahon
Project Officer
086 107 7100

To download the Debenhams Training Fund reimbursement claims forms click on the required link below

How to Guide - Submitting a Reimbursement Claim

How to Guide - Submitting a Training Grant Application

Debenhams Career and Training Grant Reimbursement Form

Debenhams CEC -Equipment and Materials Claim Form

Debenhams Travel and Childcare Claims Form

Debenhams Training Fund FAQs