SOLAS launches report in partnership with Deloitte Ireland to support enterprise with the skills to thrive in a green economy

FET for Enterprise/28.05.2024

SOLAS, the state agency responsible for Further Education and Training (FET) in Ireland launched ‘The Future of Green Skills – An Irish Perspective’ report in partnership with Deloitte Ireland. 

Commissioned by SOLAS’ Enterprise, Employees and Skills team, this report aims to ensure that the FET sector can continue providing enterprise with the necessary skills and career opportunities for their employees, so they can thrive in a green economy. The report will also play a key role in supporting the development of future skills that will be required to meet national strategic challenges.

The report identifies new and emerging occupations in the area of sustainability and highlights skills gaps that will help to inform and drive future programme development – this will be delivered as part of the SOLAS’ Skills to Advance offering. In particular, the report findings will drive the development of new FET Micro-Qualifications in Sustainable Leadership, Sustainable Finance and Sustainable Reporting. 

Commenting on the report, Andrew Brownlee, Chief Executive Officer of SOLAS said: 

“This report will be a valuable resource in planning future FET provision ensuring that we cater to the green skills that will be needed by enterprise in in the coming years. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with our enterprise partners to provide skills-based training in sustainability. This will ensure that we have a resilient, dynamic and skilled workforce, that can respond to the sustainable challenges facing enterprise today and well into the future.”

“Our aim is to ensure every FET learner is equipped with the skills to become agents of change in climate action.” 

Aoife Connaughton, Director, Sustainability Strategy and Decarbonisation Lead, Deloitte Ireland concluded:

“We are delighted to have worked with SOLAS on this important report looking at the future of green skills in Ireland. At Deloitte, we recognise the urgent need for businesses to accelerate towards a sustainable future and see an opportunity for a new skills base to support this transition. We are pleased to see SOLAS's emphasis on credentials as a practical way to support the transition to a Green Economy. We believe that the FET sector plays a crucial role in providing the necessary upskilling and reskilling opportunities to employees to build a new ‘green collar’ workforce that will facilitate the shift towards a low-carbon economy. SOLAS’s suite of Micro-Qualifications will not only equip learners with the necessary skills to drive positive change in climate action but also help businesses to future-proof themselves by responding to and driving the demand for key skills areas in sustainability.” 

Later this year and building on this work, SOLAS, working with the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science will be finalising a policy position and a strategy for the FET sector to deliver on skills for the green transition.

‘Download The Future of Green Skills – An Irish Perspective’