Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2014 provides the following statutory rights:

  • A legal right for each person to access information held by public bodies.

  • A legal right for each person to have official information relating to them amended where it is incomplete, incorrect or misleading.

  • A legal right to obtain reasons for decisions affecting oneself.

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Contact SOLAS with regard to Freedom of Information/Access to Information on the Environment.

Freedom of Information Unit,
Block 1,
Castleforbes House,
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Dublin 1

Tel: +353 (01) 533 2500

Publication Scheme

Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 requires FOI bodies to prepare and publish as much information as possible in an open and accessible manner on a routine basis outside of FOI, having regard to the principles of openness, transparency and accountability as set out in Sections 8(5) and 11(3) of the Act. This allows for the publication or giving of records outside of FOI provided that such publication or giving of access is not prohibited by law. The scheme commits FOI bodies to make information available as part of their normal business activities in accordance with this scheme.

Please find SOLAS' FOI Publication Scheme below. Each link in the table leads to a page comprising relevant information in the category as well as links to relevant information on the SOLAS Website. If the information you require cannot be found here, you may wish to conduct a search of the SOLAS website or to contact the Communications Unit (01-533-2500). If the information is not currently made publicly available by SOLAS, you may consider making a Freedom of Information Request.

General Information about SOLAS

We are the State Organisation with responsibility for funding, planning and co-ordinating Further Education and Training (FET) in Ireland.

Established in 2013 under the Further Education & Training Act 2014 we are an agency of the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and are governed by a Board. We have been tasked with building the identity and values of a world-class, integrated FET sector that is responsive to the needs of learners and the requirements of a changed and changing economy. SOLAS also manages the National Apprenticeship system, eCollege, SafePass, the Quarries Skills Certification Scheme and the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

Please see below for more information about SOLAS.

Organisational Structure

SOLAS has a dedicated team of over 200 staff with a range of skills and specialisms working across 10 divisions. Andrew Brownlee was appointed SOLAS CEO in August 2019.

FET Strategy 2020-2024

Board of SOLAS

The Board of SOLAS were appointed by Government in October 2013. It comprises a Chairman and 12 ordinary Members, including the Chief Executive Officer - SOLAS (ex-officio). The board is responsible for setting the strategy and direction of SOLAS. It also provided strategic guidance to SOLAS, and monitors our activities and effectiveness as well as our internal financial control systems. The Board oversaw the development of the recently published FET Strategy 2020 – 2024 for the Further Education and Training Sector in Ireland along with a Corporate Plan for SOLAS. See Board of SOLAS for further details.


SOLAS will fund, plan and co-ordinate a wide range of training and further education programmes. The delivery of these programmes is co-ordinated through our partners and stakeholders. Click Partners for further details.

Salary Scales

Within SOLAS, there are a number of types of salary scales as follows:
Contributory Scales: These scales apply to former AnCO, former YEA, former FÁS staff and to SOLAS staff. Pension deductions are made from staff on these salary scales.
Non-Contributory Scales: These scales apply to Civil Servants seconded to FÁS in 1988, who were subsequently promoted.
Please click Salary Scales for further details.

Contact Details

SOLAS - The Further Education and Training Authority
Block 1
Castleforbes House
Castleforbes Road
Dublin 1

​Tel: + 353 (01) 533 2500
Staff email:

Media and public communications enquiries should be made to

For details of our Complaints Procedure click here.

Information on Functions and Services Provided


SOLAS delivers online learning through eCollege which offers a range of high quality interactive online learning courses. Online learning courses typically take from 14-24 weeks to complete and are perfect for individuals who are IT literate and who wish to work at their own pace and in their own time. Courses are offered with and without e-tutor support. Learners can register for online courses through Courses include; CompTIA Network+, Mobile Technology, Java Professional Developer and Microsoft.
Visit eCollege for further details.

Certificates of Experience

Where required, member states are obliged to issue a European Community Certificate of Experience to workers, as evidence of their experience, training and qualifications. The Guidance Notes explain the details about the Certificate of Experience to applicants from the Republic of Ireland. These notes cover information such as the application process and the practical use of the Certificate. The brief guide to the Jobs Covered by the Certificate of Experience will also help to inform decisions about working in Europe. Please complete and submit the application form with the necessary supporting documents to the address provided. For further information about Certificates of Experience please contact: Legal Services Department - + 353 1 533 2579 or email

Safe Pass

The SOLAS Safe Pass Health and Safety Awareness Training Programme ensures that, over the course of time, all workers in construction will have a basic knowledge of health and safety, and be able to work on-site without being a risk to themselves or others who might be affected by their acts or omissions. From a health and safety perspective, construction workers are bound by law to hold a valid Safe Pass card. Click Safe Pass for further details.

Construction Skills Certificate Scheme and Quarrying Skills Certificate Scheme

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and the Quarrying Skills Certification Scheme (QSCS) provides for the training, assessment, certification and registration of non-craft operatives within the construction and quarrying sectors. Courses are up to one week in duration and are delivered all year round. Click CSCS and QSCS for further details.

European Globalisation Fund

SOLAS co-ordinates the European Globalisation Fund (EGF) programmes on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills. The European Globalisation​ Adjustment Fund (EGF) was established in December 2006 to support certain workers made redundant as a result of major changes in global trade patterns to assist them back into employment as soon as possible. The scope of the EGF covers education and training programmes, career advice and guidance, and enterprise supports. EGF programme supports may only be provided within a 24 month period starting from the date of submission of an EGF application​​​​.​


Apprenticeship is a demand-driven, workplace and classroom, educational and training programme for employed people aimed at developing the skills of the apprentice to meet the needs of industry and the labour market. The Curriculum for each apprenticeship programme is based on uniform, pre-specified standards which are agreed and determined by industry. On successful completion of an apprenticeship, a QQI Advanced Certificate is awarded; this is recognised internationally as the requirement for craftsperson status.​ Click here for further details.

Information on Decision-Making Procedures

Apprenticeship Code
This Code of Practice is intended to assist both employers and
apprentices to understand their duties and responsibilities relating to
the apprenticeship programme. Apprentices (and, if they are under 18, their parents or guardians) and employers must accept this Code of Practice as part of the employer approval and apprentice registration processes. Click Apprenticeship Code of Practise for further details.

Financial Information

SOLAS Payments over €20,000
Click on the links below for further information:

SOLAS Payments 2024 Q1
SOLAS Payments 2023 Q4
SOLAS Payments 2023 Q3
SOLAS Payments 2023 Q2

Prompt Payment
SOLAS is a signatory to the 'Prompt payment Code of Conduct' as advocated by the Department of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation, the main business representative bodies and other interested parties in the private sector.
SOLAS is committed to fulfilling its obligations under this code and would welcome the co-operation of suppliers in providing the following information in order to facilitate the early payment of invoices:

  • Invoice addressed to SOLAS accounts payable department

  • Purchase Order number to be stated where relevant

  • Up to date tax clearance certificate where relevant

  • Invoice number, date, VAT number, Vendors name and address on Invoice

  • Appropriate back-up to be attached where applicable

  • Bank details and relevant confirmation to be provided

SOLAS would encourage all suppliers to adopt the Prompt Payment code throughout their own supply chain to improve payment culture and promote good practice between business Partners.

SOLAS Annual Report
This report covers the period 1st January, 2022 to 31st December, 2022.
Annual Report English 2022
Annual Report Irish 2022

Board Member Remuneration

Members of the Board of SOLAS do not receive any remuneration in respect of their membership of the Board. ​Some reasonable expenses such as travel to meetings are occasionally claimed by Board members. Details of these expenses are contained in SOLAS' Annual Report 2022.

Procurement Information

SOLAS Tenders has been developed as part of the Irish Government's Strategy for the Implementation of eProcurement in the Irish Public Sector. The etenders website is designed to be a central facility for all public sector contracting authorities to advertise procurement opportunities and award notices.

SOLAS eTenders Q1 2024
SOLAS eTenders Q4 2023
SOLAS eTenders Q3 2023
SOLAS eTenders Q2 2023

Public Contracts
SOLAS Public Contracts>€25,000 Q1 2024
SOLAS Public Contracts>€25,000 Q4 2023
SOLAS Public Contracts>€25,000 Q3 2023
SOLAS Public Contracts>€25,000 Q2 2023