Quarries Skills Certification Scheme

The Quarries Skills Certification Scheme (QSCS) programmes provide for the training, assessment, certification and registration of non-craft operatives providing the knowledge for non-craft operatives in the quarrying sector.

The Quarries Skills Certification Scheme was developed following detailed consultation with the social partners (Construction Industry Federation and ICTU), the Health and Safety Authority and specialist working groups. The consultation focused on identifying the training needs and occupational standards required for a range of occupations in Quarrying.

The scheme is divided into three occupational categories with each category requiring a different QSCS Registration Card. The prescribed list of occupations that come under QSCS is outlined under Schedule 1 of the Quarries Regulations 2008. This schedule provides the list of the occupations which are under the Quarries Skills Certification Scheme, click here for the list of occupations

Anyone working in one of these occupations is legally required to hold a SOLAS QSCS Registration Card.

QSCS programmes are delivered by SOLAS Approved Training Organisations. When you successfully complete the Experienced Operator programme you will be awarded QQI Certification and will be issued with a QSCS Registration Card.

For more information on course content, fees and Approved Training Organisations, see Course Information:

Course Information

Renewing or replacing your card

Your QSCS Experienced Operator registration card is valid for 5 years

If you go on to successfully complete programmes in additional categories, your Registration Card will be valid for 5 years from the most recent renewal date.

To renew a QSCS experienced operator Registration Card, complete the online form, attach a current passport-quality photograph and make an online payment. Cards will be renewed for a further 5 years from the date of application.

If your QSCS Registration Card has been lost, stolen or damaged you can apply for a replacement for an administrative fee. Please complete the Online Replacement Card Form, attach a current passport-quality photograph and make an online payment.

Más mian leat an t-iarratas a chomhlánú i nGaeilge, seol ríomhphost chuig csuinfo@solas.ie

Renewal Application Replacement Application

Please note: Applications for renewed or replacement cards may be rejected if the photograph is not of high quality, in this event, your fee will be refunded. Replacement and renewed QSCS Registration Cards are generally issued within 2-3 weeks provided all of the information is correct. The renewal/replacement fee is €32 per card.

Fees and Waivers

Your Approved Training Organisation will charge a fee to cover the cost of the training programme, the QQI certification, and an administration fee for issuing your SOLAS QSCS Registration Card.

For more information on course fees, check with your Approved Training Organisation.

Waivers for QSCS QQI Certification Fee

Waivers in respect of further education and training award (certification) fees are available to social welfare recipients and/or medical cardholders. Providers should have a procedure to verify that a learner satisfies the exemption criteria and should retain this evidence.

If you are eligible for a waiver of the QSCS QQI Certification Fee as per the above statement, please download the Waiver Application form here. For Social Welfare recipients, Section 2 must be signed and stamped by your local Social Welfare Officer. For Medical Card Holders you must present your Medical Card to the Approved Training Organisation on the first day of your CSCS Experienced Operator Programme.

Queries regarding eligibility should be directed to QQI.

QSCS Occupational Categories & Fees

QSCS Plant Card €32

  • 180° Excavator

  • 360° Excavator

  • Mini Excavator

  • Telescopic Handler

  • Slinger/Signaller

  • Rigid Dump Truck

  • Tractor/Dozer

  • Front End Loader

  • Articulated Dumper

  • Site Dumper

  • Crawler Crane

  • Mobile Crane

QSCS Shotfiring Card €32

  • Shotfiring

QSCS Explosives Supervision Card €32

  • Explosives Supervision ​ ​ ​

Recognition of Equivalent Qualification

SOLAS, through its Construction Services Unit (Operations Section) has a system in place for the recognition of qualifications of citizens of EU member states wishing to operate in the construction sector in the Republic of Ireland. The process is governed by S.1.No. 8 of 2017- European Union (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) Regulations 2017.

The recognition process only applies to the regulated occupation contained in Schedule 5 of S.I.No.291 of 2013 – Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013.

Note that skills must have been acquired in an EU member state. Enquiries to rpq@solas.ie

Can I transfer a UK Competent Operator Card to a SOLAS QSCS Experience Operator Card?

From the 1 January 2021 individuals seeking recognition of UK qualifications in order to acquire CSCS or QSCS cards will be subject to the same conditions as all other third country applications. Therefore, applicants seeking recognition of their UK qualification are required to submit a detailed CV, including reference(s) from previous employers confirming the applicant’s work experience, a copy of their valid operator’s card and associated certification to SOLAS, as the Competent Authority, to: RPQ@solas.ie

Note: Please be advised as the Competent Authority, SOLAS will review all UK qualification recognition applications on an individual basis. Subsequent review decisions will be determined by the standard of training, certification and work experience of an applicant. Review decisions may vary with some applicants required to successfully undertake and complete a CSCS or QSCS theoretical and or practical assessment(s), while other applicants may need to participate and successfully complete a CSCS or QSCS programme. As SOLAS does not currently have agreement with awarding bodies in the UK, SOLAS is unable to offer a comparable qualification exchange process. In this regard SOLAS has contacted NOCON (previously CITB) to explore the potential for an agreed comparable qualification exchange process. SOLAS will update this statement when the discussion between NOCON and SOLAS have been agreed and finalised.

Data Protection

Information provided by you or others (such as your Approved Training Provider) will be processed by SOLAS for the purpose of assessing, providing and administrating the Quarry Skills Certification Scheme. For further details please see the
Data Protection Notice
Data Protection Notice As Gaeilge