The SOLAS Board is accountable to the Minister of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and is responsible for ensuring good governance in SOLAS. It consists of our Chairperson Sean Aylward and 11 ordinary members, all of whom were appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills. Our current Board comprises 54 per cent women and 46 per cent men.

The CEO and the senior management team follow the broad strategic direction set by the Board, and ensure that all Board members have a clear understanding of the key activities and decisions related to SOLAS.

The Board has three sub-committees: Audit and Risk Management Review Committee; Strategic Planning Committee; and Workforce and Organisational Development Committee.

SOLAS CEO, Andrew Brownlee, acts as a direct liaison between the Board and management of SOLAS.


Grants to ETBs


Programme costs


Grants to other organisations


Staff pay and overheads


Pension costs*

*Pension costs include pension costs related to SOLAS retired staff and pension costs for legacy organisations currently being administered by SOLAS

Each year business plans and budgets are allocated in line with the Further Education and Training Strategy 2014-2019, the annual Further Education and Training Services Plan and the SOLAS Corporate Plan 2017-2019.