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Recent Cedefop Publications

Briefing note - The hidden potential of level 5 qualifications (June 2014)

Terminology of European education and training policy (May 2014)

Navigating difficult waters: learning for career and labour market transitions (May 2014)

Skillset and Match – Cedefop’s new magazine promoting learning for work (May 2014)

Briefing Note - Developing apprenticeships (May 2014)

Work programme 2014

Spotlight Reports (2014 only)

Spotlight reports provide a brief description of national training systems, including an account of the specific features of VET in each country.
Spotlight on VET Luxembourg

Spotlight on VET Malta

Spotlight on VET Romania

Spotlight on VET Greece

Spotlight on VET The Netherlands

Spotlight on VET Hungary

Spotlight on VET Poland

Spotlight on VET Slovenia

Spotlight on VET United Kingdom

Spotlight on VET Estonia

Spotlight on VET Finland

Spotlight on VET Latvia

Spotlight on VET Norway

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Recent acquisitions of the CEDEFOP library are published monthly under the title VET Alert and can be found here

VET in Europe

This page on the Cedefop website provides information on the national VET systems of EU countries plus Iceland and Norway using a common theme-based structure. The latest country report for Ireland is for 2011.