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Information for Employers


Skills to Advance provides training and education to upskill and reskill your staff, which will increase productivity and competitiveness.

Skills to Advance provides your business with

  1. accessible training opportunities which fit in and around your business and work schedules
  2. training relevant to your business needs
  3. courses that respond to the changing nature of jobs and skills.


Who is Skills to Advance for?

Skills to Advance prioritises employees who work in lower level jobs and who need more opportunities to advance in their working lives and careers. It is designed for employees

  • currently in a lower level job
  • aged 50+
  • working in an industry that may be at risk, or with emerging opportunities

How do I find out more?

If you require an assessment for your business or have a specific training need, please your local Education and Training Board (ETB). Click here to get the contact details.