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How you can access support to develop your workforce

Make skills work for your business

If you're an employer, Skills to Advance can work for you by helping to identify any potential skills gaps in your business, and by offering subsidised upskilling and reskilling options for your staff. It's a straightforward way to help increase your productivity and competitiveness.

Skills to Advance provides your business with:

  • accessible skills development opportunities which fit in and around your business and work schedules
  • skills relevant to your business needs
  • courses that respond to the changing nature of jobs and skills.

Skills to Advance assists you to adapt to market changes and grow your business.

If you have employees who are

  • in a lower skilled jobs
  • aged 50+
  • working in a job that is experiencing significant change

Contact your local Education and Training Board (ETB) to avail of subsidised Skills to Advance supports.

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