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​Information for Employees


What is employee development?

Employee Development aims to support employees with lower skills who need opportunities to advance their working lives, to sustain their employment and to avail of emerging job opportunities.
Employee Development draws on a vision of the workplace in Ireland where:
  • Upskilling during one’s working life is considered normal practice and has a direct correlation with enhanced job security, higher earnings and autonomy at work for employees

  • Indigenous and multinational firms systematically invest in the development of their staff and benefit through improved productivity and competitiveness of their employees and business

  • Provision in further education and training which supports employee development is flexible, high quality, accessible and relevant to the changing needs of employees, the economy and industry

Why do I need to develop further skills?

  • Improved job entry and sustainability

  • Ability to move between jobs

  • Increased wage return

  • Higher job quality and satisfaction

  • Resilience to technology change

Am I eligible to apply?

Employees in all parts of the workforce with skill level below level 5, who need an opportunity to advance their working lives and careers, are eligible.  
Priority will be given to those employees classified as vulnerable when being considered for a Skills to Advance initiative.
Employees classified as vulnerable are:
  • either at risk of economic displacement and/or
  • age 50+ and/or
  • currently in a lower skilled job


Where can I find out more about courses?

Provision will be through the sixteen Education and Training Boards (ETBs) around the country.