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​Skills to Advance:

Employee Development

 About Skills to Advance

A new policy framework Supporting Working Lives and Enterprise Growth in Ireland:  2018-2021 further education and training policy framework for skills development of people in employment was officially launched by Minister Richard Bruton on Tuesday September 11th 2018.

The policy is an action in the 2018 Annual Action Plan for Education. It complements ongoing investment in skills development by employers and existing Government-supported initiatives, which include Skillnet Ireland, Springboard+, Skills for Work, Skills for Growth, the Regional Skills Fora and Local Enterprise.

This new policy will enable targeted support for vulnerable groups in the Irish workforce, particularly those who have lower skill levels and who need more opportunities to advance in their working lives. The policy also supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who need some assistance to invest in and develop their workforce.

The launch of the policy framework, which is being promoted as the Skills to Advance initiative, marks the start of an exciting new development in further education and training provision and an opportunity to develop stronger links with enterprise.

This initiative offers valuable skills development opportunities to those in lower skilled jobs, working in small and medium sized enterprise in vulnerable sectors.

Supporting Working Lives Enterprise Growth - Policy Framework (Oct 2018)

Supporting Working Lives Enterprise Growth - Background Paper (Sept 2018)

Employees can access upskilling and reskilling opportunities by one of three routes:

Route 1: Delivered directly to employees

Helping grow and evolve skills to advance their work options.

Route 2: Through business engagement

Developed in consultation with individual small and medium sized businesses to address the particular needs of their workforce.

Route 3: As part of regional development

To help get ahead of vulnerabilities and strong emerging opportunities in regions and industries across Ireland.

Skills to Advance Scheme 2019-2021

Further information can be accessed on the links provided and the video below.