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Apprenticeship Council and ESB launch Generation Apprenticeship Taster Times

• Launch of apprenticeship ‘Taster Times’ sessions as part of the Generation Apprenticeship competition

• Opportunity for members of the public to discover more about apprenticeship programmes

The Generation Apprenticeship competition has been established to promote and celebrate the best teamwork, leadership, creativity and problem-solving skills of Ireland’s apprentices. More than 70 apprentices, supported by more than 100 companies, are competing in this year’s competition.

The taster sessions are a new addition to this year’s programme and will be a great way for the general public to see what an apprenticeship is like in practice and what opportunities they offer. The 2019 finalists and the companies that are supporting them are joining together to provide the sessions in various locations across Ireland. They will give the general public the opportunity to chat with the Generation Apprenticeship competitors and their supporters and see the many different types of industries that offer apprenticeships in addition to the more well-known ones.

The taster sessions will be held in 11 different locations around the country including Limerick, Dublin, Kerry, Shannon, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Athlone. The first taster session will take place in the Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board’s Shannon Campus on Friday 15th March at 10am where they will also unveil their entry for the competition. Full details of the taster sessions can be found at

Speaking about the competition, co-sponsor Paul Mulvaney, Executive Director, Customer Delivery, ESB Networks said: “ESB is proud to support the work of the Apprenticeship Council, SOLAS and events such as Generation Apprenticeship, encouraging Ireland’s apprentices in creativity, problem solving and innovation. We are delighted to be hosting a Taster Session at our offices in East Wall Road, Dublin where ESB Networks Apprentices will give an insight into the world of building and maintaining the electricity system of the future.”

Career changer and ESB apprentice Laura Hanrahan is completing her off-the-job Electrical training at Shannon. “I was working in retail and I had already completed 4 years at college and I couldn’t get a fulltime job. Taking the apprenticeship route means you learn all about working life, pick up vital skills, and are work-ready from the moment you finish. In addition to learning facts and procedures, apprenticeship is also about gaining much sought-after transferable skills, including adaptability, independent thinking, teamwork and problem-solving – skills I will be able to use in all areas of life, and take with me to any number of other job roles as my career develops.”

“In Ireland, apprenticeship is already a first choice for over 15,000 people of all ages and backgrounds, career changers as well as school leavers completing their chosen award.” said Mary-Liz Trant, Executive Director for Skills Development at SOLAS. “Ongoing curriculum reform in craft apprenticeships is diversifying high-quality career options across the Engineering, Electrical, Construction and Motor industries. Apprenticeship is meeting the needs of new and modern types of jobs such as Data Analyst, Aviation Engineer, Software Developer, Chefs and many more. Highly paid roles across Insurance, Logistics, Auctioneering and International Financial Services are just a few of the new careers accessible through apprenticeship today. Apprenticeship offers a huge range of opportunities for anyone who wants to continue learning, at any stage of life.

To find out more, go to

To find a taster session near you and to chat to our Generation Apprenticeship finalists go to

For further details please contact: Maria Walshe, Communications Unit, SOLAS Tel 087 207 4280